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Freshie MOKA - CAN

SKU: 3211

Orange GOSE - 4.8%
330ml - Case: 24
Format: CANS
Brewer - Nomad Brewing Co.
Australia - Sydney - Brookvale

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Drawing on our original Freshie Salt & Pepper we wanted to combine 2 of our loves, coffee and beer. The idea came about by chance, when sitting in the brewery tatsing a fresh batch of Freshie with an espresso in hand. We poured the espresso into the beer just to see what would happen, and wowww.. Sounds strange, but tastes great! In the actual brew we then used midnight wheat to achieve a dark colour with light roasty flavours and then 20 litres of single origin fresh brewed Espresso from a local roasters in Manly. The Espresso giving a gentle coffee aromoa and flavour on the pallet.